Carpet Cleaning

Regular cleaning with the Texatherm™ system keeps your carpets the way you want them to be – immaculate.

A grubby carpet speaks volumes. It’s unsavoury, unsightly, unhealthy and off-putting. It’s unpleasant for your staff and won’t impress your clients.

The better you look after your carpets the longer they will last. It’s surprising how quickly a carpet can lose its ‘just laid’ appearance. Because the deterioration is gradual no one notices at first. Then one day someone moves a filing cabinet and the bright, fresh carpet underneath reveals just how shabby the main area has become.

Carpet cleaning technology has advanced considerably in recent years. We offer a number of different options, always recommending the technique best suited to the job in hand. We can even remove chewing gum.

One of the most advanced carpet cleaning methods we use is the Texatherm system, which allows us to achieve results normally only associated with water extraction methods, whilst delivering all the benefits of a dry cleaning system.

The time saving, compared to water extraction methods, can be up to 60% and the newly cleaned carpet is dry in 30 minutes. The process cleans the carpet, disinfects it and applies an anti-static coating. There are no sticky residues to attract new dirt and the carpet is PH neutral on completion. The cleaning agents used are environmentally friendly and low noise levels allow office workers to continue working nearby if necessary.

The Texatherm technique is also ideal for cleaning low profile commercial carpet tiles. Carpet tiles have traditionally been difficult to clean with conventional methods as the lack of airflow through the tile often leaves much of the dirt behind, and strong suction can sometimes lift tiles from the floor. As the Texatherm system is not dependent on airflow it cleans the tiles without difficulty and does not lift them from the floor.