Office Cleaning

Daily office cleaning is the foundation on which our business is built, and we believe in nothing short of perfection.

The medical consequences of excessive levels of dust, bacteria, insects and germs are obvious, not to mention the financial consequences in terms of lost time through illness.

The negative psychological effect of a grubby office is difficult to quantify, but there is little doubt the effect is significant on employees and visitors alike. From the outset, we’ll agree with you in detail exactly what needs to be cleaned, how it will be cleaned and when it will be cleaned. Our managers will make regular site visits to make sure the objectives are being achieved and exceeded, and to make modifications to the schedule if necessary.

The list of tasks for a typical cleaning schedule can include not only all the obvious things – such as vacuuming, polishing, dusting, washing-up, tidying and removing rubbish – but also the less obvious – de-frosting the refrigerator, or cleaning electric fans. You’d be surprised at some of the unusual things our cleaners happily take in their stride!

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and being able to respond to almost any request, either to deal with a one-off event or a regular new requirement